Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 247

Blurb: Happy Birthday to me!!

Backstory: That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's my birthday. Today I turned 26, please hold your applause. I'm a firm believer that after you turn 21 you really don't celebrate another big birthday until 30 and so on. I stood behind this belief today by going to the outlet mall with my mom and eating at the Japanese steakhouse. As for the outlet mall it was disappointing because they didn't have anything I wanted. That's the way it always is, you go there and you can't buy anything but you find everything. Then if you go and you expect to buy something you can't find anything.
As for the second part of my day the Japanese steak house is always fun and it's very corny. I feel like going to the hibachi grill thing is very tourist thing to do even if you're in your own town. There's just something about watching an Asian person cook my food on an open flame that's still really fun. Plus, I honestly like the food. As my mom said it's like reading Playboy for the articles.

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