Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 255

Blurb: The moving machine has been activated.

Backstory: Tonight in the shower I had an epiphany: Mo' stuff, mo' problems. I need to find a way to make sure I don't overload myself with possessions. No, I'm not making some kind of hippie rant with this statement. When you have more stuff you have to move more stuff, and as someone who's getting ready to change residences for the third time in two years this is not fun.
What you see in today's picture is about a fourth of my possessions. When I moved back from DC I didn't unpack the majority of my stuff because I'm living with my parents. So for the past year all these boxes have sat scattered through out their house waiting for the day when it's time for a place of their own. Tonight I achieved my goal of getting all my boxes out of the spare room, this was about six or seven trips up and down the stairs.
Needless to say after going up and down the stairs twice I realized how much it's going to suck when I have to start getting the majority of boxes from the basement. If I didn't have mo' stuff, I'd get to make fewer trips during the moving process. So, from now on when I want to buy something I'm going to think, "do I love this enough to carry it up and down the stairs twice?"

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