Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 246

Blurb: It's the first OSU game.

Backstory: For everyone out there hoping I'd do something amazing for the game you're going to be disappointed. Because my parents have a 50+ inch tv it's actually really nice to stay at home and worship that thing. So here's my review of this first non-Tressel Saturday: Disappointing. Even though the Buckeyes won there was something missing. I'm not really sure what it was but the game just didn't feel normal. This can be attributed to a couple different factors, first and foremost we were playing Akron and they're an utterly awful team.
Second, Jim Tressel(sigh). I'm sorry, I'm going to be in mourning about this for a long time. Charlotte from Sex and the City said it takes have the time of your relationship for your to get over a break-up. If you're together for two years it takes a year to get over it; translate that to Jim Tressel and I've got five rough years ahead of me.
The game was a little promising, I mean, Joe Bauserman isn't bad. He can actually complete passes and there's that little running back and that guy from Dublin; they're giving us some hope. Coach Fickell just needs to keep adding wins and develop a signature clothing style, then I'll be all for it because the best remedy for my football depression is more wins.

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