Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150

Blurb: We took the German to the premier German restaurant in Columbus, and some might even say the country.

Backstory: Schmidt is arguably the best known restaurant in Columbus. It's been run by the same family in the same building for over a hundred years. They even invented the Bahama Mama, which is a spicy bratwurst. But how well does it measure up to real German food? Tonight our German exchange student put it to the test.
Anna said on an authentic scale of one to ten the food is only about a five. This rating does not apply to the potato pancakes and apple sauce, which she gave a ten. Also, many of the sausages don't taste the same as their German counterparts. Apparently they have tons of different brats and sausages and their names don't match up.
She was also semi-amused by the uniforms the servers have to wear, which are traditional Bavarian clothing. The guys sport lederhosen and the women stuff themselves into the corsets and flowing skirts. Not surprisingly, Anna does not wear anything that looks like that. She did wear both of those outfits when she was little, but the last time she wore one was over 15 years ago.

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