Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 148

Blurb: Oh Fla-bongo you're such a ladies man.

Backstory: Tonight was Lauren's bachelorette party. Yes, I've been out two nights in a row but it's all been for a good cause. Every one's getting married and while other people dread weddings I love them because they bring all your friends back in town. Most of my friends from college don't live in Columbus, they've either moved to the east coast, Chicago or back home. Bachelorette parties and weddings are the main way we see each other and we had a pretty big group come in for the evening's festivities.
After getting ready at the hotel we headed out for dinner at the Japanese steak house then the piano bar for some drinking. Last night the place wasn't very crowded but it was a different story tonight; that place was packed, especially with bachelorette parties. We were probably one of six parties there. It's loud and everyone is drinking and singing, so the appeal for a large group of women is obvious. They played Miley Cyrus, Journey and Mariah Carey in a dueling piano setting, and Lauren was pulled on stage and sung to. It was a very appropriate song: Let's get it on. So here's to the bride, she's two weeks from the big day.

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