Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 146

Blurb: The latest brilliant restaurant creation by Columbus restaurateur Liz Lessner.

Backstory: I've been waiting for months to try the Jury Room, it's the longest continually running restaurant in Columbus and it just came under new management. Liz Lessner owns some of my favorite places in Columbus, including Dirty Franks. She recently took over the Jury Room and has transformed it from a sleazy, cheap bar into a great old fashioned salon with amazing food.
My friend Kristina is getting ready to move to DC and we thought it would be fun to go out for dinner and talk about her move. Thank goodness she's always up for trying a new restaurants. The food is traditional Italian and the cocktail menu is extensive. We split an appetizer of deep fried gnocchi and it was AMAZING! The entrees were ok but the cocktails and appetizers were much better.
The place is pretty small so if you go get ready to sit at the bar or wait for a table. It was a Thursday so the bar was much more crowded than the table area. Kristina and I were able to sit and enjoy ourselves. If you have a chance to go I highly recommend it.

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