Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140

Blurb: Another celebrity sighting on Good Day Columbus. If you don't know who this is we probably shouldn't be friends.

Backstory: Today was a great day. I got to meet Ted aka Josh Radnor from How I met your mother during my show. Thank goodness my friend Stuart was kind enough to wrangle Josh down to the booth because I was extremely afraid I wouldn't get to meet him. It's one of the few pleasures of working in local television, everyone once in a while you get a little bit of the trickle down from networks.
Josh is in town to promote his movie "HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE." He's actually from Bexley and his parents still live here; he's staying with them while he's in town to show the movie at the Drexel theater. I respect the guy because he's filming and directing his next movie in central Ohio. He's shooting it this summer at a local university (not Ohio State)and casting a few people as on camera extras. You have to go to the movie showing tonight to be cast and while I'd like to be a movie extra not sure I want to go see the movie.

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