Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149

Blurb: It wasn't the hangover but we did make a mess.

Backstory: After every party there is a morning after. When you wake up at 8am, grab a drink of water and groan a little. You've just realized you're not in college anymore and things don't bounce back like they used to. Now that I'm a little older it takes a little longer to get out of bed after a night of drinking. This was made worse by someone calling our hotel room (I'm talking to you Christine) and waking us for brunch. I do not want brunch at 8am.
As you can image I told her she was crazy, hung up the phone and went back to bed for a few more hours. Thank goodness Kerri ordered Pokey Sticks last night because it gave us something to eat when we finally started moving. Pokey Sticks are amazing but they're a little disgusting at the same time. The garlic and cheese can be overwhelming especially when topped with ranch dressing. But for some reason it hit the spot while we laid in bed and watched Big Daddy. I'm glad we all had a good time but I'm glad we don't do this all the time. I would be fat and broke.

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