Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 126

Blurb: I think Abe got lost somewhere around the Starbucks and Lifetime Fitness center.

Backstory: I'm a sucker for people in period costume. It's something I've never done myself, but I enjoy watching other indulge in reliving the past. This weekend lots of civil war reenactors will fill the Statehouse lawn for the annual stuff on the lawn event. They'll make old timey food, fire cannons, teach kids how to use fire arms and most importantly dress-up.
The event started this morning with reenactors arriving just before 7am to set up their tents and get the cannons going. The man you see above is a well known Lincoln impersonator in Columbus. This is my second or third time seeing him in person and I must say the jury's still out. I consider myself a Lincoln-phile and he's not rough enough for my taste, plus he's a little too young to be sporting that stage of Lincoln look. The former Prez didn't adopt the beard until later in life, and this guy still has some good years sans-facial hair.
It's pretty interesting and all the volunteers are really great with kids. In fact, I was one of only a few people there who wasn't with a school group. So if you're looking for a little quirky reason to go downtown and see people dressed up and talking about the olden days I encourage you to head down there.

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