Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 127

Blurb: There's nothing better than using your Saturday morning to rummage through rich people's stuff.

Backstory: Today yard sale season kicked off with a whimper. I love nothing more than a good yard sale because I've come to realize that antique stores are overpriced. The affluent suburb of Upper Arlington kicked off the season but I'm sad to say I wasn't very impressed.
The problem with this morning's event is that it was too spread out, Upper Arlington is a product of city sprawl. The event was so large it was divided into quadrants with only a few houses in each section. This pretty much means it was impossible to walk, which is supposed to be the beauty of a community sale. My hopes are still high for the next big neighborhood sales: German Village and the Short North. These communities don't have as many wealthy people but it's much more walkable. So there's to the future.

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